Seeking recommendation for a family solicitor in Saintes

Can anyone please recommend a good solicitor for putting in place my droit de visite for me and my 6 year old grandson ?
I haven’t seen him in over a year now.
His mother stopped my regular phone calls with him.
She cut off her own mother and father long ago so it’s par for the course.
His father (my ‘son’) doesn’t want to know.
I now hear he will be moving towards Bordeaux with his mother in the next week.
We were close.

Every person in authority has long advised me to take a solicitor.

Have you tried a médiateur familiale? Often a good step as if not resolved then it shows you have tried everything. Judges will often not make a judgement until some mediation has been done anyway.

sounds like your troubles have been going on for more than a year…
Did you ever follow the advice… ???

All ok, my son brought all the children round today :slightly_smiling_face: