Seignosse Beach video (featuring Lafayette!)

What a lovely video, some beautiful moments, love the sun-misty shot of the girls and dog walking in the sea in the distance.

We had our first sunny day for AGES yesterday. Didn't last though.

On the beach in the middle of November, eh? Nice one!
I just Google mapped the beach and you're near that curvy character from 'Deep Space Nine': "Dax" - that's way, way south of us, so I guess that helps but, having said that, we've had one or two glorious days recently, up here in Bretagne.
Any-road-oop-lad, luvverly to see your family and furry friends enjoying themselves.

Now on with the renovation...


Lovely, lovely video and one very happy puppy, your Lafayette. And, speaking about lovely, what a lovely family!

@Norah He's really elderly the brown and white one, yes we live about half an hour from this beach! Glad it cheered you up Jane :)

Just what I need to cheer me up an yet another day when we can hardly see our hand in front of our face!

It really looks as though you had a wonderful time.

Thank you for posting the video. It was lovely. Makes me want to be by the sea on this beautiful morning. The children and the dogs look so happy. Do you live near this beach? What happened to the little brown and white doggy - or does she affect a limp for sympathy (they do you know)??!!!!

Brilliant! Makes me miss having several dogs. Jiust need to sell this house and then I can dive into 'Pet rescue'.

FABULOUS!! You all look relaxed and happy. Love the two dogs chasing each other.

Thanks Elaine! The black dog Lafayette has just been spayed, we adopted her after seeing her photo in the dog group, she had been abandoned and poorly treated. She's doing well now though! The beach is Seignosse in the Landes.


Sweet, wholesome, well shot, great feeling, the documentation of a beautiful day.

Effectivement, c'était une belle journée Landaise!


Bob et Jo