Séjours Linguistics Anglais in FRANCE?


Does anyone know of anyone who does séjours linguistics in English but here in France.

I have a student who wants to do one this summer but can't afford the time and money to go to England or elsewhere.

He's looking for something fun (he's 14) but entirely in English.

Thanks for any help!


Wow, Annie

Dedene tel no 02 96 35 69 69. for info on location



Thanks for the information! I'll be glad to forward it along to my student's mother. She's still in the deciding process. If you could leave me your details in a private message, I'd much appreciate it.



We have been doing this for nearly five years now. We normally take just one student into the family at a time (otherwise the students tend to divert to french at the slightest opportunity). They come for between one and three weeks and we discuss with parents the intensity of the lessons. We are both qualified English teachers. We offer intensive structured lessons in the morning and then activities in the afternoon. We all speak in English all the time (unless there is a problem - homesickness, illness, etc). We have two teenagers of our own so they integrate quite quickly. If you want more info szend us a mail. Probably too late if you have found something. There are agencies around but they cost quite a bit and there are school camps but if you want intensive one to one this is the best way. Many of our students return year on year either in person or another sibling.


I found them on Google but haven't had time to really look at their programs. But thanks for pointing them out to me.

There's an organisation in Angouleme called SILC who do exactly that too - it's a growing area. They arrange for kids from 9+ to stay with a host family.


Thanks! I'll have a look and talk to his Mom about it. Sounds perfect!

Hi Dedene

You could try Anglais in France, you can see their website at www.anglais-in-france.fr . We've been working as a host family for them for 4 years and have had lots of really successful home stays. We currently have an 11 year old boy from Togo staying with us (at school in Nice and struggling with English). The owner of the company, Jennifer Laur goes to great lengths to match children (she visits children and families before making a match) with host families and I think this is one of the keys to the company's success.

Hi Elaine,

Thanks for your reply. Honestly, I don't know exactly what he and his parents are looking for. But I suppose they expect that their son would do a home stay completely in English for a couple of weeks. He'd certainly be happy to have another teenager around! But the goal is to improve his English in an intensive setting. I don't know that school subjects or homework would be necessary, but then I really don't know enough about home stays to suggest anything.

If you want to give me your contact info by private message, I can pass it along to his Mom.