Self Defence Or Not? - Update

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And I agree that both your opinions are valid and understandable in the apparent circumstances.

And I don’t condone violence in any form, or seek to excuse perpetrators.

And I hope and expect that the man will be exonerated, and that he and his wife will be able to recover from their awful experience.

And I do believe in the rule of law, in British justice exercised within the law.

If any of this outrages anyone, I can’t help that. Maybe I’m old-fashioned about such matters.

If he is prosecuted, it will have nothing to do with the rule of law but rather an attempt to improve the Govt’s awful statistical record on detection - Honest law abiding pensioners are an easy target :rage:

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Maybe I am biased Peter because a very dear elderly friend of mine was attacked several years ago after drawing her pension from the Post Office. She didn’t have television so didn’t really ‘keep up to date’ with how things were changing and that the elderly were becoming easy prey.
Briefly, she was walking back home when a car drew up beside her and the passenger, with a map in his hand, asked if she knew where such and such a place was. The moment she approached the car the b*****d grapped hold of her handbag. She held on and in consequence was dragged along the road and suffered some horrible injuries. Not too long afterwards she was taken into care, she had lost all confidence and was afraid to leave her home and was confused. Her home was sold to pay for this and she lost all that she had worked so hard to gain.
The men were never found! :rage:
She worked all her life, during the war she had to work as a capstam lathe operator, far from her home (no choice in those days for a young single woman)so had really had a hard life.
Where was the justice there and the law, that an innocent hard working elderly person could be abused like that? IMHO the men were murderers, effectively their treatment of her killed her. They are still free to roam. Sorry to go on but it makes my blood boil !


Makes me very angry too, and despondent at the state of the nation. Perhaps my career choice has put me in touch with other people’s infinite capacity for bravery, kindness, resilience and simple humanity, across all races and at all levels of society - perhaps its that experience that gives me hope and faith in goodness, and the law, despite its failings. I think we each have to own a standard of conduct and a language of values that we respect in ourselves and others. It is so easy to slide unaware into chaos.

Perhaps it’s not the right platform to discuss such issues - alongside moles in the pelouse and how to run a small business - but when issues are floated for discussion I like to get involved.

But I’m not always too serious, I hope! :dizzy_face::flushed::upside_down_face:

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See support for the old feller in mounting :+1:

We now find that this scum is a repeat offender. Surely the police should have known that before humiliating this poor man?

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It beggars belief Jane…:rage:

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And the police don’t allow themselves the discretion to decide for themselves what the law requires, fortunately. They uphold the law. fortunately. Of course there are rotten apples in every barrel, so some officers can be bent, unfortunately. Those who withhold evidence or interpret the evidence to suit their own or the passing public whim are brought to book and will face the consequences, fortunately. Bluster and vulgar words don’t carry an argument very far IMO. Have a nice peaceful day :grin:


That “scum” was a repeat offender, Jane. That man is dead. What will it take to satisfy your need for “justice”?

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I don’t think the police had any choice but to arrest and question the man, if they really thought he had committed murder or manslaughter I doubt they would have released him on bail.

As for the burglar, what can you say? I guess he didn’t expect to meet any resistance from a 78 yeard old.


He got what he deserved, yes, SCUM, I find that a very modest description of ‘It’ :slightly_smiling_face:

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Love you, love your goose, Bill! :blush:

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Me wee chum, will see Him tomorrow, with luck, a character!

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Good news


No further action to be taken - this is very swift.


Great, if common sense has prevailed :+1:


Would that were the case here in the Clunysois.