Self Storage rules in France

Hello, I have been asked by an American friend of mine, no longer resident in France : What is the law or practice if you decide to abandon goods left in a French self storage location? By abandon I mean decide you no longer want them and stop paying for the storage. In the US apparently they are auctioned off or scrapped. In France? Thanks for any advice or information.

Homebox is such a company. Here are their conditions (in French).
In particular Clause 9 talks about the end of the contract. A quick Google translate …
9.2 In the event that the box / bulk is not returned at the end of contract, in its initial state that is to say in perfect state of hygiene and of cleanliness, and emptied of its entire content, the CUSTOMER will support cleaning and / or ridding costs. He will also be liable for payment to the COMPANY, of a monthly occupancy allowance equal to the fee in force on the day of termination of his contract, plus a penalty of 10% as a penal clause until the day of removal of
all of his assets.
9.3 At the end of the contract and in the absence of effective return of the box /bulk by the CLIENT under the conditions of article 9.1 above, the SOCIETE will open it to remove the goods possibly left by the CUSTOMER, if after an invitation sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt and simple mail to have to be on the site on days and hours
fixed, the CUSTOMER did not show up or refused to return thekeys to the box. In this case, the goods found in the box / bulk will be considered to have been abandoned by the defaulting CUSTOMER and cannot be subject to any kind of surveillance by
of the society.
9.4 The Customer will bear all the costs incurred by the COMPANY for the management of property abandoned at the end of the contract (clearance / sale / fees and costs of procedure / opening box / bulk) and the box / bulk repair. The storage costs are fixed at the minimum amount of € 30 per m3. You must empty the space and clean it. If you don’t you are liable for the costs.


Thank you Fleur, that is most helpful.