Selling a car in france

i've been tasked with selling my employers landrover... it's quite smart and well looked after...

any ideas where to start? other than 'a vendre' in the window? - thought i might have a go online... happy to sell it anywhere in france for the best price (it's a french reg/drive)

probably a good idea to get a ball park of the value first - they're not looking for a fabulous return - just to get rid

merci b

x teresa

thanks Andrew, good advice as ever...

can't beat I've bought and sold a number of times using it ;-)

thanks Catharine

it's dark out there but first thing i'll go and get details and photos and all that jazz

x t

Hi Teresa

If you provide some more details James can probably help - he is a bit of a LR nut...:)

(And we generally use le bon coin)