Selling a Car

Hello everyone

I have a LHD 1990 Mercedes 300SL with very low mileage (30k) for sale and recently received an email from a company called Vendezvotre (which seems to be similar to in UK) inviting me to try their online car valuation web page. I did so and received a valuation which appeared to be ok. I am tempted to give their service a try because it seems to be less painful than the more conventional ways of selling. Before I do so, I'd like to know if anyone has tried using this company and if so were they "on the level".



Thanks David

Don't know them but beware of scams on places like Anglo Info and Bon Coin. You get paid with a cheque that turns out two weeks later to be dud. The money that was credited to your account is then taken back and you have no car and no money. Somebody tried this on me but I was up to speed- still have the cheque which came from Edinburgh. Mine was for an oil painting not a car but I've heard of issues on cars.