Selling a French Domaine in UK

I’ve been asked to suggest any UK Estate Agents which sell French Property…

Seems the Owner reckons that it would be a good idea to market the Domaine directly to folk in UK, rather than using French Agents here…

Can anyone suggest a UK Company… ???

Depends how fancy the property is. Friends of ours sold a posh flat in Paris to Canadians via Hamptons

Otherwise, if just somewhere ordinary, everyone in the UK these days looking for a French property looks on Right Move and the like. All the major French estate agents advertise on Right Move.

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Hi @Stella PM me if I can help.

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If it is a high value property, then there are french agents/portals that really market heavily to anglo clients. Like

I don’t know of any UK agents who have exclusive mandates on French properties (Mat might know different!) but a lot work in partnership with French agents. I think since Brexit for a UK agent to work in France they would have to have a French branch.

So I would just go for a French agent that targets international clients.

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts and suggestions… :+1: :+1: I’ll pass 'em on…