Selling a materials hoist, looking for a tipper truck

Hello everyone,

We're progressing with our renovation project and have finished with our materials hoist (Apache monte materiaux) which I have just added to the classified section.

Does anyone out there have a old tipper truck for sale? Again, we should have bought one right at the very beginning instead of hiring one. We're only looking to spend 2 - 3,000 euros and can't decide whether it is more cost effective to bring one back from the UK or to purchase one here in France.

Knew I had this somewhere. Don't know if they have a tipper truck but they have everything else from HGVs to ambulances and road-sweepers.

Thanks for this Theo, we'll look at this option too


Pauls Ford is not too bad.

If you just need the truck for 12 month it migt be worth to look these:

which are all below 2000 €uro and just give it later to a French artisan

Hi Paul, thanks for letting me know about this.

He's now decided that we should buy a UK RHD one (without crew cab) and drive it back loaded with materials. We'll then get it reregistered, it doesn't matter to us that it's a RHD as it will mainly be trundling around our very muddy site and doing the odd long road trip.

No problem Nickie, and hope you find the truck you need. Our needs had been a bit less, i.e. we were looking at something occasional and varied, with the need to move furniture to/from the UK as well as rocks and diggers, and so the trailer was good for us. Now we're moving overseas again for a few years we hope to still find a good home for the trailer. Best of luck with your search - seems like you have a few options already. Kate

Hi Nickie , I am thinking of selling my Ford transit crew cab tipper truck . The price will be around 3900 euros with a new CT . LHD 1996, 160,000 kms . I am in Mayenne Dept 53.![](upload://6jzy4y34nrxZAgVlxFcaJqeNLg8.JPG)

I don't bother worth any more, if you can find a decent lhd one on leboncoin it will save you around 600 euros in transportation and import costs (at least). Lhd vehicles in the uk cost more now that rhds!

Good luck with you search!

Thanks so much James, I'll pass the info onto Jeff. He's still thinking about driving a Ford back from the UK but it would be so much better to be able to get one here. We'll start monitoring le bon coin and and fingers crossed something will turn up.

Hi Kate,

Thanks for this info, the OH says its not what we are looking for. We need a 3.5 ton truck apparently!


I was recently look at buying a tipper, it looks like you could get something fairly decent for 3 - 4k, I liked the look of the Ivecos over the Renault and Citroen offerings and the Mercs are more expensive or have very high km's

Here's one of the Ivecos

We paid £4,200 for it 18 months ago, including the ramps. Then another 100 euros for the immatriculation etc. We have added frames in the middle and rear which are removable, but at no real cost.

It is still in excellent condition so I think we would be looking to sell for about 4,000 euros -- I've seen the same ones on leboncoin for nearly 5000 recently. I'll see if I can paste some pictures for you.

I'll ask OH to take a look at it but we already have a large trailer (non tipping) that we haul our digger on and I think he wants something motorised so that we can do buying trips to Spain and the UK. How much are you selling it for?


Rocks, soil & gravel are what we were using it for too, but also for carrying the digger we had to hire for clearing the landscape and digging drainage (it has ramps to drive the digger on/off).

The trailer takes up to 2500 kg so it can take a fair load of gravel or rock, then tips (backwards) using a hydraulic motor. If you want to look it up it is the TT105G, replaced last year by the TT3017.

We have also found it useful for moving furniture or taking the garden tractor for service (very easy because of the ramps).


Hi Kate, thanks for your reply.

Lucky you finishing your project, we still have a very, very long way to go. I've checked with the OH and he says we need a tipper truck, not a trailer as it will mainly be used to clear rubble, rocks, soil etc from the site.


Nickie, do you mean a tipper truck or would a large tipper trailer do?

We're just finishing a renovation project also and looking to sell our Ifor Williams Tipper Trailer which we brought from the UK about 18 months ago. It's the model TT105G and we've already taken it through the process of immatriculation here in France (here they have to be registered as a separate vehicle) so it is fully registered.