Selling and buying a car in France

As we are struggling to sell our car, we were wondering if we could put an ‘AV’ sign in the window. Is it allowed or is it forbidden?

When buying a 2nd hand car in France does the number plate change?

Depends on when it first went into circulation, the first one I bought in 2011 went into circulation in 2009 already had the new no need to change the plates, so IMHO anything after 2009.

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I think it is perfectly allowed :slightly_smiling_face:

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So - we’ve got a guy who is very interested in our car. He lives 500km from us and we’ve sent loads of photos and answered all his questions and feel this is possibly ‘a goer’.
The car is on LBC with their secure payment facility in place.
We realise we will now have to get a new CT for the car and want to know that if he agrees to the sale, can we ask for a deposit to ensure he is serious about the deal.

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We paid a deposit when buying a vehicle from LBC. Seller didn’t want us to use the secure payment facility. They said they had a problem with it previously so take care.

Thank you rendi60.
Another query : a friend who sold a car several years ago told us that because he had written the word sold with the date and time in red ink on the Carte Gris, this meant that it was a ‘sold as seen’ transaction and there would be no comeback if anything went wrong. Sounds odd but is there any truth in this?

leboncoin everytime, used it for years, bought and sold cars, houses and more. Ebay… what’s that…?! :thinking::rofl:

edit - you have to be as careful as with any site in any country, plenty of scams out there but that’s the case everywhere :wink:

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I really have no idea sorry but I understood the idea of having a recent CT is to avoid this problem.

We’ve been in correspondence with the proposed buyer of our car through LBC and received an email this morning asking several more questions and at the bottom of the email he says if all goes well, he wants to come to collect the car tomorrow - he lives 500km away !!!
How does this work with regards to the CT having only 17 months remaining? Can he buy the car with less than the required 18 months remaining on the CT?
With this latest request from him, what started as a genuine enquiry seems to me to be turning into a scam, or am I wrong in thinking this?

You need the new CT before you can sell it. Hopefully you can find someone who can fit you in. A lot of centres have online bookings so you should be able to do it today.

What makes you think it’s a scam?

@toryroo - for several days, he’s been asking for photos, copies of invoices, carte gris, the last CT etc and yesterday he asked when the gearbox oil had been last changed. We said we didn’t know but had written to BMW Niort to ask the question and as soon as we had a reply, we would get in touch again. Then this morning he’s asking for more copies of documents, whether the car had been repainted and says he wants to come tomorrow to collect it, without waiting to hear about the gearbox oil. There is no mention of how he will pay or the new CT so from appearing to be moving along slowly, he’s now wanting to come to collect the car. It just feels wrong and that’s why I smell a rat - or am I being paranoid?

Hmmm yes a bit odd! Ud probably write back and ask him to confirm if he will be paying cash or bank cheque, say you won’t except a personal one. Have you looked to see if you can get a CT done tomorrow? Is also tell him it can’t be sold without.

I think, with all that tale, I’d ask him for a deposit today and this is for a commitment that enables you to go and get a new CT. That will be the acid test to prove if he’s a serious buyer or scammer imo. Then as Tory says, get bank cheque as payment of the balance to make sure you get the money. Good luck :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

This came up in another topic (Selling a car in poor condition) recently & I posted this -