Selling at a car boot

Hi Ok

Now I have nearly finished our house and gite ,I have started making a few garden ornaments and just thought I might make a stock to take to a local car boot when they start up again ...question is can I ??

sample here



I would do the couple of car boots and if your business looks like it's going to earn you money then one of you become an AE.

hi ok

We are both drawing UK pensions so would would we still have to start an AE or whatever ?

ta again Dave

ps link should have been

Very good cunning plan Wendy...!!

Strictly speaking you can't sell new stuff at a car boot, you could mix it in with your second-hand stuff once or twice just to see if there's any interest, get a bit of feedback...then you'll have to register as an Autoentrepreneur or whatever. Plus you're only allowed to two or three car boots a year, more than that and they'll consider you a professional seller.

not sure you can without a licence as you're making things to sell rather than selling off old unwanted things... but I'm sure there are others here who are better informed and who can point you in the right direction.