Selling car and ANTS

(Jen Rays) #1

We have sold our car and filled all details in on the ANTS site and it is telling me - Analyse par le service instructeur. Can anyone tell me what happens now, also do we send the Certificate of Assignment to out local prefecture? Many thanks

(Richard Carpenter) #2

We recently had the same message during the process of a Carte Grise change of address. Just keep checking your ANTS account daily for status update. Eventually it will change and tell you what to do.

(Jen Rays) #3

Thanks, how long did it take for your status to change?

(Richard Carpenter) #4

In our case only about thee days.

(Mark Rimmer) #5

Usually if you are selling your car & you have the buyer’s details it takes about 15 minutes. It might take longer if you do not have the vehicle confidential code as you will have to apply for one first.
There is no need to notify your Prefecture.