Selling car and three bikes

Not surviving as well as we would like! We are moving back to the US and need to sell our car and three bicycles. Our challenge is we do not speak French so we do not feel comfortable listing them on leboncoin. Does anyone know of an English language equivalent?

Depending on where you live I offer a car selling service for those who need their car up to the day they leave. For an agreed commission I sell "depot vente" then electronically transfer the money to a bank of your choice. I handle all the paperwork for you.

This process does rely on a certain amount of blind trust unless you know someone who already knows me. My biggest surprise was when a couple arrived here one day asking me to do this for them. The surprise was that I had not met them before & they were leaving the country the following day! Needless to say the car was duly sold & their money sent to Colorado.

I am a registered garagiste.

You can list them for sale on here if you like Melissa, there is a 'for sale' forum category.