Selling car on behalf of someone else

Is there anything special I need to do? A friend has returned to Australia and left me his car to sell on for him.

What paperwork has he left with you… eg Carte Grise, Contrôle Technique, Insurance ??

Has he signed a document giving you the right to act on his behalf?

I “inherited” a French-registered RHD car as part of the purchase of our house. But it turned out the supposed owner, our vendor who had gone home to Australia and didn’t answer our emails, has acquired it from another Brit but hadn’t registered it in his name, so I couldn’t register it or CT it or insure it in mine. Although it was parked at our address :confused:

It took me a year to locate the legal owner, who had developed dementia and lacked capacity to sign a document transferring title to me.

About six months after regularising the situations, and driving the very nice, spacious and handsome 1993 Volvo remorque back and forth to UK, with new clutch and exhaust system it conked out terminally and went to the knacker’s yard. Ça arrive!

Peter… your shenanigans do make me chuckle… :relaxed::relaxed:

As do yours tickle me, Stella!? :blush::grinning::heart:

Hello Stella. I have all the paperwork, but no letter giving me the right to sell it, no.

In which case, you do not have the right to sell it. It remains the property of your friend… and there will be things he has to sign/authorise… if it is to be sold.

Can you give some details of the car. (I am trying to buy one).

Oh bugger :frowning:

The CarteGrise will have to be signed by the owner but that’s possible by post. The rest of the selling paperwork is done on line and that’s just as easy in Australia as in France.

Thanks, yes that makes sense. The carte grise may already be signed, I’ll have to have another look.

Strictly speaking the CG needs to be signed and dated by the Owner to coincide with the Sale…as at that point only… the Owner is no longer liable for the car in any way.

Has anybody actually done this successfully?, selling on behalf of somebody I mean. I’m trying on the ANTS site, but can’t get past the special code step.

I did do something on behalf of a friend… but I needed his authorisation…
My name was not that on the CG… mmmm

Anyway there was a section which needed to be completed if someone is working on behalf of another… and having completed that… the signed authorisation document (procuration) had to be zapped with all the others in the dossier…

(this was not for a Sale…it was another matter entirely)

What does 'zapped with the others" mean?

If I understand correctly, a garage can do this for me if the owner isn’t present?

Yes it is possible to sell it or register it in your name, You do not need a mandate, but you will need the previous owner’s date & place of birth as it appears on his passport… Just your word that he has given you his permission to make the sale on his behalf will do. You will need this do obtain the code confidential if you do not already have it, which would not have been issued if your friend registered the car himself before September last year.
You will also need a CT undertaken less than 6 months previously or 2 months previously if the car failed.

sorry…scanned and sent through the Site…

Yes, follow Mark’s advice…

Don’t need to scan or send any documents to ANTS for a french registered car sale. For an import there are loads!

That’s good news…

(as I said… my stuff with ANTS was not for a sale as such… and the car was French… )

Thanks all, I may just be getting somewhere :slight_smile: BUT trying to get any info out of the ‘non-gage’ part of the site is proving completely useless. Any combination of dates, formats of immatriculation, names is just not working. And no one to contact and query anything (of course). Why are some websites so ****?