Selling food in France

I'm thinking about starting a business selling English food (scones, rock cakes etc) in the markets on the Cote d'azur. What are the exact administrative hurdles (tax, business registration, food safety) to be overcome and are there any start-up costs to be considered? Any other hints and tips will also be welcome!


Hi Steve and welcome..

I live in the Dordogne..and we have a stall in the market that sells similar UK foods..including pasties..(going to avoid the pastie tax jokes!)...I read a fantastic book a few years ago about a couple from the UK that set up a market in Provence selling Rose wine...the author goes through the nightmare of hurdles they had to jump to get a stall in the market...and then to keep it....would have put off a lesser man. I think you can def. count on a nightmare of red tape...certainly initially.... When we moved here I had considered setting up something similar...and then threw in the towel when I realised it was way more complicated than in the UK...but dont let my wimpishness put you off! the chap in our market does a thriving trade as does the English food shop in the town; the local town hall should be able to point you in the right direction......good luck...

why don't you start by getting in contact with your 'competition' ... the lovely people in the brit shop in lavaur for example... and many others who must have walked the same english garden path - a quick google of 'brit shop in france' ? x t