Selling French reg car in UK


Just wondering if there is anything I need to be aware of? Just give Carte Grise to the buyer and send off the coupon with the new owner details at the bottom to the prefecture?



I would be very tempted to sell it in a France - the price will be so much more.

No, it is a little more involved than that.
This is a copy of a file from a Facebook group that I wrote -
Since late 2017 registration changes are made online. The seller & buyer still need to notify the authorities as previously but now use the online system ANTS & it is necessary to sign in. You can use France Connect to authenticate that you are more than just a holidaymaker or temporary visitor by using your tax, health or social security numbers.
The seller.
Only the owner of the vehicle can sell it (their first and last names are indicated on the vehicle registration document in part C.1). If the vehicle is leased, you cannot sell it because only the lender, the owner of the vehicle, can do so.
If you have moved since obtaining the registration document, you must have changed your address before the sale, as the registration document must indicate your address at the time of the sale.

If the vehicle is more than 4 years old and is not exempt from roadworthiness testing, you must provide the future owner with proof that a roadworthiness test has been carried out. It must be less than 6 months old (or less than 2 months old if a counter-visit has been prescribed).

You will need various details provided by the future owner (name of birth, first name, date of birth, etc.). This information is necessary even if you sell or transfer your vehicle abroad.
Download and print 2 documents that appear on the screen:
the cerfa 15776*01 form, called the certificat de cession
and the certificate situation administrative
Next, fill in all the information asked for on the screen. You will probably be asked to enter your code confidential. If you registered your car a few years ago you will not have one (it is sent with your new carte grise under the new system) so you will have to ask for one - click on demande un nouveau code.
After successfully entering all the above you will be sent a transfer code, code de cession, which is also displayed on the screen: note this code, it secures and facilitates the administrative procedures of the future owner of the vehicle.
You must also fill in:
the date and time of the transfer,
the mileage of the vehicle,
the full address of the new owner.
Give the new owner:
copy No. 2 of the transfer certificate,
the administrative status certificate (dated less than 15 days),
the complete vehicle registration document, which you must cross out and on which you must write in a very legible and unalterable manner the words “Vendu le (day/month/year/time)” and your signature (the detachable coupon must be completed except in the case of sale or transfer to an automotive professional) Do not bother to put “Vendu en etat” - it has no legal standing & signals to the buyer that they are being sold a pile of junk that the seller knows will be too expensive to rectify & wants to wheedle out of any responsibility. It won’t work.
Controle Technique, if your vehicle is more than 4 years old and is not exempt from roadworthiness test, which must be less than 6 months old or less than 2 months old if a counter inspection has been prescribed.
the transfer code.


Thanks for your help. Got it sussed now!