Selling/giving away diesel Xantia with CT

The CT ran out on my Citrën Xantia diesel 110cv ‘Exclusive’ but as it was still running well I thought I would sell it on or even give it away rather than invest in getting it ready for the Contrôle technique. But then I found that the law has changed and that you can’t even give away or sell a car without CT to another person. Only to a garage or breakers!
So in the end I got the work done and now the car has a 2 year CT. The Xantia is the best car Citroën has made since the original DS: comfortable, reliable and economic. The 109cv diesel engine is a delight - should run for another 400,000 kms. Diesel consumption at 5.5 litres/100 kms is pretty good.

Anyone interested in taking it off my hands? My price is €300 (representing what I put in to get the ct);
Visible in Toulouse-Rangueil.

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