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We have put our house up for sale and it’s being advertised in a local town (agent’s shop window). We have had a letter put into the post from someone saying they would like to see the house and are interested in it but will not deal with estate agents. The have given an email address, phone number and local address in the letter. Has anyone any experience of this approach?

Thanks in advance

We bought our house this way. Well almost. I had seen it advertised a lot on Seloger but then my cleaning lady turned out to be their cleaning lady and I made contact that way. It wasn’t on the books of the two estate agents I’d been dealing with so I didn’t feel obliged to do it any other way.

Whether the woman selling is suffered qualms I don’t know. We weren’t offering much but she had two sales fall through during the time we were pestering her so she ended up selling to us.

Thanks - we just a bit concerned it’s some type of scam - we’re just a bit cautious. :flushed:

If you’ve signed a contract with the Agent, check the small print to see what you will have to pay said Agent if you sell privately.

A few years back, a house which had been on the market for years… was “sold” by word of mouth… but, even so, the Seller had to pay the Agent a certain percentage.
Actually, the Seller paid rather than ask the Buyer for the extra money.


Best of luck. Horrible thing to do selling, agreeing terms, moving. All that. So best of British bon courage and all the rest with knobs on!!

To be honest the local estate agency have been good and we had two viewing today and got a third on Monday (just need an offer) so I more than happy to use them.


We bought our house by approaching direct.

As there possibly would be no agents fees the person having approached direct may be able to pay you more.

We bought our house in a private sale too. But as Stella says check the small print of your contract with the Agent.

Is your deal with the agent exclusive or not? That will determine whether or not you can negotiate behind the agent’s back without penalty. If you can, go for it. Our last house sale used a non-exclusive contract with the agent, and we were approached privately by several potential buyers, one of which turned out to be the final buyers!

Thanks for that. We are not in an exclusive contract and have decided to get in touch with them if only to dismiss it.

Was the process for selling independently easy?

Yes it’s easy. If your notaire is OK they will help you sort it

We ended up good friends with the sellers. We sold our last house privately too, and I find it is much easier dealing direct with the other side. Sometimes agents just get in the way. However if the potential buyers start playing games then just walk away!

In France the notaire works for both sides, so is pretty impartial. And their main concern is that the sale/purchase is correct so won’t (shouldn’t) mess about.

We found it was relatively straightforward to work out what diagnostics etc we needed, and get them organised directly too.

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The only difference is that you have to haggle with the future buyers over the price - the rest is up to the notaries of the respective parties as they do all of the formal paperwork, start the deadlines rolling, etc.

Some buyers want to see the diagnostic reports before making an offer, which I feel is fair enough, so think ahead and make a booking with a certified diagnostics outfit.

Thanks for all the advice - I think we’re probably over thinking it.

We had the diagnostics done on Friday so are all set.

Thanks again for the help

It is common practice. Sellers put their house for sale with an agent and privately on sites like Le Bon Coin, PAP, …Depending on the contract, this saves on agency fee on either side.