Selling land in Brittany

We bought a small house and detached garden in Morbihan, Brittany in 1998, we subsequently sold the house but kept the land as it can be built on, being inside the permitted area. We have decided that we actually want to be further south so we are wanting to sell the land. It is just over 1000m2 and has access from a lane, is on the edge of a small village near Ploermel. There is water and electricty next door and we have the fosse report. We have had no luck selling so far. It would make a good plot for a self builder, a young French family or ex pat wanting to create their own design house. The agent we placed it with is not sure why it isn't selling, the price is good enough at about €13,000 - has anyone any ideas what I could try to sell it as the money would come in handy for our project in Lot et Garonne.

Generally speaking due to the very poor state of the economy world wide and especially in france you will be lucky to get an offer for a good few years, to sell you will have to drop the price by about 25%. I have been looking for property in france for three years now and the ones that sell seem to be the ones with electricity and water connected plus the house is in good condition and there is about 650 to 750 square metres of land.

Thank you for your answers, very useful. I do have the CU and I guess it is such a slow market that we will be lucky to get much interest.

I presume you've got a CU, Clive. The price sounds OK but if it's anything like the market here in the SW then it's just the lack of buyers. The plot I was buying back in 2008 (but didn't due to a planning problem which has since been resolved) is still for sale as are many others. My BIL is area manager for Gedimat and new builds are pretty much non existant compared to pre 2008 and the atart of the economic problems. Have you had a look around to see if others are selling in your area? Is there much new build going on? Are you advertising it privately too (leboncoin) which is a must in France (over 50% of sales are private)?

Bonne chance ;-)