Selling Puppies/SIREN number

My neighbour has left me with puppies to sell.
Nothing dodgy. I look after his dogs with my dogs 2 x 3 months a year.
Told to sell them on leboncoin. com but it won’t accept the advert .
Problem is SIREN number.
Where do I get that?
I have everything else. x

I seem to remember there was a new law not long ago, to stop unlicensed puppy farming. You can’t sell puppies now unless you’re registered as a breeder (ie proved you meet the requirements, paying cotisations on income etc).

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this says quite clearly… that the Seller must be Registered etc etc…


I’m not being critical please. My post shows I know this. I’ve seen bits of the law that came into effect September 2016.
That’s why the question was… How do I get a SIREN number?
The law also, I think says people can sell 2 litters a year without being fully professional. I’m not a professional dog breeder.

Where and how do I get a SIREN number please?

A SIREN number is a business registration number. The only way to get one, is to set up and register a business.


I think the Link I posted tells you what you have to do and how to do it…:slight_smile:

No. Read all that stuff and many others.

I don’t want to set up a business. Been to a few offices here in Nimes. All said "not here ".

Just trying to sell my 87 year old french friend and neighbour’s puppies.

He’s gone to la réunion for thé winter. I’ve shelled out over €1,000 on vets, papiers etc. That’s a month’s money for me.

I’m looking for someone to tell me how and where? Please, not a Google search. X

See other reply. X

Perhaps you should let your neighbours do the neccessary registration etc… they are their puppies, after all :wink:

Immatriculation at The Chamber of Commerce (including the very first litter/sale)… the Prefecture … and it goes on … and on…

and if/when you make a sale…this is what you must give to the buyer (along with the animal)…

Again he’s not here and he’s old.


It is no longer easy to sell cats and dogs…the Law is very specific on what must be done and how it must be done. Your neighbour has (by the sound of it) left you in a difficult situation.

It might be worthwhile asking your local Vet for advice. I am presuming you use one and (hopefully) have a good relationship. At any rate the Vet is a good starting point… he may know a one-off way out of the maze. :wink:

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No neighbours. A neighbour.
Hate to be apostrophe police but…

Please stop

Michael… Apologies… I now realise you only have one neighbour. Other than that mistake… I am not sure what you want me to stop…

You have asked for help and I have tried to be helpful.

Sorry if the answer to your query is not what you want to hear. :innocent:



These are the conditions for selling one litter per year without a siren number,lecture,ordonnance-n--2015-1243-du-7-octobre-2015-relative-au-commerce-et-a-la-protection-des-animaux-de-compagnie:12636.html

"Dérogation à l’inscription au répertoire SIREN, MSA, etc…

Les conditions pour bénéficier de cette dérogation sont :

Limitation à une seule portée annuelle par foyer fiscal (et non par personne physique).
Obligation d’inscription de la totalité de la portée au LOF, LOOF selon les cas.
Obligation de faire inscrire sur les annonces de cession, quel qu’en soit le support, un numéro de portée unique fourni par le LOF/LOOF.
Obligation de déclaration des revenus générés par la cession (ce qui était déjà le cas avant).
Concernant le numéro de portée unique fourni par le LOF/LOOF. Ce numéro sera délivré lors de la demande de Pedigree, soit une fois que tous les chiots/chatons seront identifiés. Aucune annonce de cession ne pourra être diffusée sans ce numéro ce qui interdira la diffusion d’annonce dès la naissance d’une portée.

Ce numéro de portée sera consultable par le public sur le site des livres des origines"

If you can meet these conditions then that’s what to do, if not then your options are either to keep them or give them away or try to sell them and risk a very massive fine.

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I think this is out of date.

There’s a new law dated September 2016.

Advertiser told me before that you could sell 2 litters a year. I only want to sell 1 litter once. Never again lol.

The question remains and please, it’s the only question.

Where do I go to get a SIREN number?


Michael, listen to what people are explaining to you - you can only have a siren/siret number if you are registered to do business. There’s no grey area, it’s effectively a business registration number which identifies you… so you need to register, try your local chambre de commerce who will talk you through that. :wink:

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@Michael_McClure - you need to reign your neck in a bit - folks here are trying to help you but you are behaving like a petulant child!

So - to answer your question again. A SIREN number is allocated to a registered business. Follow this up-to-date and official government link which explains how to do just that!

How to Obtain a Siren Number

On a wider personal note (not directed at you Michael!) - as a supporter of numerous animal charities in France I’d just like to stress the importance of making sure that any sale should always be to responsible buyers who will provide a ‘Forever Home’ for the animals in question.


It is also likely to be rather complicated even if you do find the right people (try the tribunal de commerce) to register a business with because you will be registering a business in your name to sell goods which aren’t actually yours but belong to your neighbour, in his absence, as a one-off. The powers that be might find that a bit weird.

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Personally I would give the puppies away and ask the new owners to meet the cost of vaccination and micro chipping which is what most people seem to be doing in order to get round the requirement to register as a breeder.

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