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I must confess to harbouring Luddite tendencies so when Amazon announced the Kindle my reaction was “over my dead body”.

Three Kindles devices later (all of which have now been consigned to the dechetterie) I find Kindle is now a normal part of my life. If someone lends me a good book to read, if I like the look of it, I buy and download the Kindle version but this is not the thread to discuss the pro’s and cons of e-books.

I was probably the last to know, but when Kindle brought out their Send to Kindle App everything changed gear. Basically, any documents that you have on your computer e.g .docx .pdf .jpg .epub can be sent to any of your mobile devices such as phone or tablet and be read on the Kindle app installed on them. All it takes is a simple right click of the mouse in File Explorer.

I have now downloaded the manuals, for all my appliances and gadgets, from the internet. Where they contain pages of foreign languages or trivial information, those pages have been deleted before storing on my computer to make them easier to read. I then Send them to Kindle on both my phone and tablet (I use both for different purposes) and put into collections for easy reference. So if I get a puncture in the middle of the night I can quickly find where my spare tyre is and how to change it (don’t smile this actually happened) or if the wife is away and I need to put something in the washing machine which program to use – all I need to do is whip out my ‘phone.

The most used Kindle book on my ‘phone is my personal recipe book. This is a simple, indexed, Word file where I store favourite recipes, useful links and other cooking related info. I probably update it once per fortnight then simply send the latest version to Kindle so that it is always up to date and in my pocket.

I commend the idea to the forum.


I didn’t know about that.
Could be useful as I don’t have a smartphone.

You can also email direct to your Kindle - and if you put Convert in the subject line it will convert the PDF text into text into your kindle so that it is the same as any normal Kindle book.

(each kindle has an email address set up in your amazon account - you do have to add your email address to an approved list of email addresses within your account so that not everyone can email your Kindle - once set up you can then just email it)

Sounds wonderful, were I not such a techie numbskull. As I don’t use kindle for reading books exept in an emergency, but could I imagine recipes

That is very interesting and I am sure I can find a use for it. A kind member here showed me how to download a free, non-Amazon, book to my Kindle so I shouldn’t be surprised at this. :smiley:

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