Sending a package from my mailbox

Hi All, Hope everyone is bearing up during the lockdown. I’m trying to send a small package to the UK using the service where the postman collects from your mailbox. But as soon as I try to book the collection on-line, it keeps asking for a parcel number, which I don’t have. Has anyone else used the service who can help me get my head around it?
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In our case, there is a magnetic sticker which you attach to the front of your mailbox which alerts the postie to the fact there is an item to collect from the box. You usually leave the money for the package in the box with the item and your change will be left.
Before the stickers were made available, it was usual to use a clothes peg attached to the flap of the box.

I might be that you need to open a “la poste” account, fill parcel details in, weight etc, pay online and print off the the “sticker”. I think you can sort out the collection at the same time.

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That’s great insight Graham. I want to send a book to a hibernating pal, I’ll get on to La Post account to sort it out.

We’ve done it a few times. And yes open up an account, and go through the steps to buy an addressed & stamped label which has a parcel number on it. Print label out and put it on packet and stick in box. With us it tells us that this service is not available in our area, but I just left a note for the postwoman above the box saying post office close can she please take it. And she did.

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Thankyou all- mission accomplished!