Sending big files

Has anyone had any experience of as I'd like to hear your views?

Is it a good way to transfer big files or does anyone have other preferred ways?

Has anyone tried Sendthisfile?

PDF file is OK, when you upload the file you have to tell Google NOT to convert to the Google format, this will leave it as a standard PDF file.

Not certain about the Publisher files, don't run windows so cannot test for you, would have to go read the help files.

Would that be the case with a document created with Microsoft Publisher. I'm thinking of an A4 page printed sideways and folded in half like a book? Would it keep the formatting? I suppose I could save as a pdf first - would that work?

However, I'd also like them to be able to download the pdf file too.

The advantage then with Google Documents (and probably others) is that they would not need to download the large file, Google would display it as a web page.

OK thanks Steve that's another useful suggestion which I shall bear in mind.

I am currently only looking at people downloading the attachment to view and not to work on it.

Vanessa, would these 'large' email attachments be downloaded by the recipient to work on or just to view?

If the latter and if you have a Google account/email account then you could create/upload the document to a Google Documents file and put a link to the document hosted on GD for your email reader to click on.

They could even be allowed to work on the document through sharing, you 'share' the document only with the specific people you want to get it.

Thanks for your reply Phil. I do use dropbox for storaging/sharing of photos and I suppose dropbox would also work for transfer of files. However I was really looking at an alternative method of sending large attachments by email occasionally.

I've never used that one but Dropbox has been my method of choice for some years now, which is also free if you only require a small amount of storage (<2GB).