Sending personal effects from France to Australia

"Hi all, I would like to send some personal effects to Australia. Does anyone have any experience, advice or recommendations ? It would be in boxes and added to a container for shipping I imagine. Regards Kev"

It is an old photo, but doesn't go back quite that

My pleasure. Can't make any recommendation because my need of shipping kit from France to Australia is absolutely zero. Hope it's a useful lead. Your picture looks as if you were part of the First Fleet. If they had had cameras in those days. Only joking. One of my best friends from school now farms in Australia and don't think we came from the privileged classes in UK.

Thanks David

I found this Kevin. Might be worth a try.

UK based but ship from France to Australia

Thanks Carol, I want to send some boxes back to Australia. I thought that people who have moved to France from Australia or New Zealand may have moved their effects, and would have experience with removalists/carriers. Does not seem to be the case.....

C'mon people - someone must know how Kevin can do this?

Hi Kevin, just wondering how you went with this? Did you find an appropriate shipping company? We too are in the process of moving back to oz and need boxes of personal effects shipped. Let me know. :slight_smile: