Sending "thank you" gift to UK

In recent months my cousin in Lee on Solent has been “playing postman” forwarding mail and parcels. Most recently this involved packing half a dozen items into a box and doing the paperwork for collection.

So I want to send him a thank you gift. I’m thinking of , say, 3 bottles of French wine. Not fancy vintage, but say €10 a bottle ,

Are there wine stores here that would send to the UK, or do I simply order from Waitrose for delivery to him?


I’d just send from Waitrose!! Wine is cheaper here, but by the time you’ve added on duties and admin charges there won’t be much differemce.

Keep life simple and hassle free.

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I would tend to agree in the current climate.

You may be able to order a wine which is local to you but from Waitrose as they have a fairly extensive selection.

It may just be the Waitrose in our old town but my friend who still lives there reports that it is difficult to find French wine there now. It’s been the case for most of this year, I gather, and they are compensating with Australian.Chilean/South African wines. Hope you can find something suitable @Ken_Welsby or perhaps a different specialist wine merchant may give you a better range?