Sending things overseas by sea(mail)

I’d like to send some things overseas (not the UK) by sea.

I’ve decided to downsize / declutter and to send what I’m not getting used here in France but too sentimental to sell.

I’m only talking a guitar + banjo + box of stuff about 50cmx 50cm x 50cm.

Can anyone tell me the most economical way and the best company for this?

Have you considered using a service such as Parcel Monkey? They use the big courier companies but are usually cheaper than going direct.

I can recommend them as well but they take a very long time and the parcel goes around the world first. My daughter uses it to send us stuff from the US and it goes via Asia, NZ, back to US and then onto Europe - about six weeks approx but a fraction of the price by other methods.

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Thank you all for that information. I will check them all out.