Sending things to the USA

Hi - a question for you North Americans out there!

Recently an american friend has had to go back to the US unexpectedly and I've agreed to send her clothes etc on to her. I had a look at Colissimo website (La Poste) but it seems quite expensive for a small amount (or maybe I'm not used to the going rate? Plus it's airmail only) & I have started phoning local transporters but so far it's Non Madame we don't ship for Individuals, businesses only.

Does anyone know if there is a cheaper alternative to La Poste for about 2 large boxes of things?

Thanks for your help


Thank you for letting me know; I am glad that all arrived safely

Best wishes


Hello Ian,

Just to say that everything got to its destination fine with DHl,quickly too & with no problems.


Dear Angela

Thanks for your reply and well done. The DHL price seems to be about right. Let me know, please, how DHL perform as they have had a hard time getting established in the USA. I hope all goes smoothly.

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Thanks for the advice Ian.

I found a website '' where you can open a professional account & get reductions with a range of carriers - it worked out at 86 euros for one 16kg box of clothes and 76 euros for a 13kg box of books, to be transported by DHL Express.

fingers crossed!!

All depends upon the size and weight of the goods that you want to send so have an idea of this information when you seek a quote. I suggest that you check the cost with FedEx and UPS. Also Hedleys Humpers offers a service to private individuals to the USA by air or sea container. You would only pay for a part load. Usually these containers are shipped into an East Coast port In N. Carolina, Virginia or Georgia and distributed by road. Hedleys are based in Paris (Clignancort) and elsewhere in France. I would avoid Chronopst for shipments to the USA as they do not exist as such there and are obliged to use “agents” whose quality can vary.

Good luck

Ian Swan