SEO for our website

I wonder if anyone can help.

We have been in SW France now for approaching 3 years. We created a great website when we arrived which has now been superseded and improved over time advertising our gites and chambre d'hotes. We have done well with bookings and enquiries but have invested a lot of money in advertising on other holiday websites to raise our profile, however we now want to ensure we are hitting the right target audience with our own website by improving our SEO I know we can generate lists of key works or strings which my husband tells me is easy to do (as he is tecchie) but I need help with actually implementing this in English, French and Dutch, does anyone know anyone (so to speak) that can help with this as I am getting bogged down with all the website copy changes that might need to be done to incorporate all of this :(


Hi Allison, did you join Sheila's group Website Building and Social Media ?

Do find the time to read through the comments, our learned friends on SFN have some absolute sure-fire nuggets to share, most, in your line of business.

My own methods on SEO do not comply with the norm, so I won't confuse the issue. Good luck

Ron Birks

Hi, Looks like Sheila's link had too many http's in it this should work

Hi Allison,

Personally, I don't think language is the issue. I have had a few thoughts and would be more than happy to chat by phone, only if you wanted to.


Thanks all. Ron I will make a start on the pics. I will look at the seo/ web builder section although i have got in a real pickle trying to get my head round seo and all the different options! Ben, thanks for your offer I will take you up on this once i have got the english bit sorted if thats ok with you. Although how do i name the pics in different languages as the master template only has the one set of pics? Sorry but this is one area i am completely at sea with!

Dutch? Can do.... Well hope I haven't lost my mother language after all those years over here :-)

Hi Allison, as Sheila says there is a wealth of info in the Web building group.. however you could make a good start by re-naming your photos, this is the text from one of your pics "Dec 20th 2012 123.JPG", this means nothing to a web crawler.


Hi Allison. Come and join my group, Website Building and Social Media, and you can check out the discussions on SEO there - you might find something that helps, and you could of course re-post your discussion there. Kind regards, Sheila