SEO plugin

If anyone has a Wordpress website, have you used the All in One SEO plugin and would you recommend it. Any advice would be welcome


Hi Lousie, I am using both of these plugins for my sites. or

So you mean it must be not in the top ten?

have a look on the web and see if you can find a keyword rank checker

Thank you for your advice. I am just not sure how I can check if the keywords are overused by other sites as there are so many sites in my line I cannot check them all, perhaps the ones based in France? I am planning to set up FB and Twitter pgs.

Hi Louise

My site is based on Wordpress and I do use the SEO plugin. You have to do careful research on your keywords to make sure that they dont have huge usage by other websites and then make sure you use them in your text of the website. Stick to the word limits and then share on FB and Twitter