SEO (Site Speed)

Google favours faster loading websites and provides a tool to check how fast your site is loading, you can find it here

It will even offer suggestions as to how to improve it. Pretty nifty I thought.

How does your site rank using this tool?

It's quite sweet, drop downs etc. looks professional enough too I thought. They've just joined SFN as individuals, I shall copy them on this post if that's ok. they are keen to learn esp SEO.

That looks nice, I will certainly consider Wix in future now that it's up to date.

I suggested they use Wix, as they would have control, and would need a host in any not having to pay out for each amend or update. we are stumbling through Blogging FB etc etc



Please do



sorry the site is HTML5, they do freebies too, ( not great for hi profile entities ) the interface is a doddle. I've found naming pics really good if that name remains in tact as in Wordpress... at least you are only one click away from the original source.

Shall I PM you the site? if you are interested?

Renaming photo's isn't great, nothing to do with html5 though. Flash is dying technology, I try to stay well clear of it when there is an alternative. I would look for an html5 alternative to Wix.

Interesting, I just checked their site and there is talk of html5, perhaps they've ditched Flash?

did have a complimentary Tweet from Wix( 72000 )followers, which I thought was nice.

Disappointing to hear that about Wix's SEO. These guys have adopted the SEO package ( I set the thing up in Beta ) I've noticed that any named pics are 're-named' I guess that's the HTML5? Might do a Go Daddy Hosted site and 'point it' towards the Wix site. Might that help?

That's fast! Wix is unfortunately pretty poor for SEO though as you can only modify the title and meta description for the whole site and not individual pages, unless they've changed that recently.

woh next site I tried ( Vita ) is a hosted Wix Flash site


Great tool.

Shudbe-band 82 is that good?