September visit

We’re coming over in September, as the title implies, & are currently looking at places to visit in Brittany.
I was last there over 20 years ago and only for a short time.
I’m not really looking to make a pilgrimage to numerous standing stones, but would like to get to see some historical stuff, & places of interest.
We won’t be visiting the bowels of the Tarn where our house is, but may travel a bit further down the coast towards the dunes/ beaches of Les Landes (if I have that right)

Anyway all suggestions gratefully received.
Thank you in advance.

Just as well, I think they’ve recently been added to the building stock of the local Mr Bricolage

Various D Day beaches and museums, Mont Saint- Michel, Quiberon was nice ,as was the closed City of Concarneau which is really interesting, Brest U boat pens and the national navy museum.

Moules frites at Cancale.

I moved down south after over 30years of Brittany. There are so many lovely places to visit I am a bit biased to be honest. I lived at the western end so the sea and coastline is well worth visiting in not so touristy areas if you want to experience the wild and unspoiled parts. My nearest big city of Brest is a must to see the maritime history and how the city had a rebirth after being destroyed in WW2. The outlying islands - Bréhat, Baz,Ouessant, Molène, Les Glenans are worth visiting too but take note of the forecast as you can get stranded out on Ouessant if it comes rough. Lots of inland castles and chateaux and wild areas like Exmoor in the Monts d’Arrée. The list is endless of places to go and things to do.