Septic tank emptying

Can someone tell me if you have to have your septic tank emptied when you put your property - holiday home up for sale please. If so the approximate cost of having one done in area 50 near Mortain.

not necessarily when announcing it for sale perhaps but certainly before the sale is concluded would be normal.

Yes it was part of the sale process. We think about 125€.

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Just had mine emptied in the Dordogne for €235, same as 10 years or so ago. Not for a sale though.

I dont think many people would want to buy your septic tank emptyings!!!

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You say that but the first one many years ago was a farmer towing his own trailer and we know where that went. But it was still me that paid. :rofl:


We have a local farmer who still does Fosse empties for a lesser fee than the commercial companies - hopefully not on the field i am surrounded by :crazy_face:

Human waste is a big money making business for farmers and some big companies for spreading on fields in the UK.

Which is funny considering that the canal boating folks who have composting toilets are told to not put solids into current land used for food production for at least three years - My canal boat has a pump out toilet (fairly conventional treatment / disposal).

I suppose the waste from all the sewage works in the country has to go somewhere, though when they import 30,000 tonnes of sewage sludge containing human waste from Amsterdam it’s a bit rich.

Lol, i expect it is :rofl:


When I lived in Chasseguey, close to Mortain & Sourdeval I paid about 200E 10years ago for professional firm to empty the Fosse. Your local yellow pages (or equvalent trade directory) will give you some names of companies. I honestly can’t remember the name of the company, but the guy who turned up had a purpose designed truck/pump system and it was a professional outfit. Furthermore, I received a facture duly stamped and signed. Good enough evidence for any Notaire’s meeting when you come to sell.

Reading this with interest,i thought it was now illegal in France for a farmer to empty your foss,anyway the cost two years ago was 245euros done by pro company,takes about ten minutes,nice little earner as they say.

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I think it is too, and in any case it was no cheaper the one time, in ignorance, we had one do it.

We are a bit north of you and had ours emptied about 18 months ago. I’m busy hunting to find how much we paid. It was a very small local outfit, using a tractor and a tank but they were fully accredited and we were given a certificate de vidange. We had it done because we were just about to have a SPANC inspection and wanted to make sure it was clean! My vague memory is that it was nothing like as expensive as the other figures quoted but if I can find the amount, I’ll let you know.

Thank you, i have a company from Sourdeval doing the job for Eu 234 which seems around the price for the job.

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