Septic tank question

If the only way you can put in a septic tank avoiding your well , is running a sewage pipe across 30 feet of your neighbours land and then another 25m across your land, if the neighbour refuses what can i do, and can i get reimbursed for my house as it was bought 17 years ago before this new regulations

Hello Paul and welcome to the forum.

If you are not able to use the neighbour’s land, you need to ask SPANC what they suggest.

Without more information/detail - there is only so much we can suggest.

If you have serious concerns and can get no help from SPANC, speak with your Mairie and they may be able to advise you on the way forward.

In certain cases, I think land-locked folk or those with no land - have to use a “tank” which needs regular emptying. Whether this is applicable in your case, I have no idea.

You’ve had the house for 17 years - why has this “problem” only just appeared ??

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What do you have at present Paul ?

Soak away

Soak away for wc waste ?

Have you been told to change the system ?

The regulations state that any septic tank micro or large has to be 35m from my well, I have ne request to do anything, at present as dont use the house ever.

No I’m just selling it not using loo, just want to persuade, buyers as they are all paranoid of this well and 35m issue

If you’ve not been asked to do anything - are you just asking what might be optimal at some time in the future??

If the property is not inhabited, there is no pressure. When the property changes ownership - that is usually the point at which regulations come into force.

sorry, just seen you thing about selling.

contact SPANC and/or your Mairie.

Exactly I’m selling at a massive reduction but still people to paranoid to buy

The house is only selling at 30k I can’t afford a 10k bill, I am allowed to sell with a reduction and not install a tank, so SPANC is not an option

You need to have the answers and SPANC/Mairie will be able to help you with that SPANC will detail what needs doing. You need that report for a sale and it is fair enough that the low price leaves the Buyer to sort the sewage, but they must know what to expect.

Folk are paranoid. My own brother brought enough scotch to see him through the Christmas hols, when he visited our UK home, 'cos we were on well water and had a septic tank. :upside_down_face::wink:

You know my scenario

Your price should attract buyers - and a clear-cut plan might encourage someone to take the plunge (not into the soakaway or well :wink::wink:).

Good luck.

Catch 22 SPANC incurs a 1 year demand to do the work, house hasn’t sold in 15 years, crazy world

Do you have enough land for a tank or micro station ? When I bought this place I was obliged to change my tank so the sellers got an estimate for a micro station to which they allowed for in the price.

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It has to be 35m from my well Pete, across a neighbours land into my land

The SPANC officials, with whom I have dealings, have not insisted on the 1 year. For a new owner, there is a time limit - fair enough - but so long as the new owners have the matter in hand, SPANC can be flexible.

SPANC need to tell you what they will require a new owner to do, in the event that the neighbour will NOT allow passage across his/her land.

Are SPANC saying that the neighbour can be forced to accept your pipework ??

Stella I am too worried to contact SPANC or Mairie, but will consider it if it gets a plan ,and not at a massive expense or a ultamatum to do the work, the french neighbour will have to put up with the infringement, there is no choice ,talk later thanks got to get cuppa for wife

Hope you enjoy the cuppa.

Please try not to worry. These challenges are there to keep our brain cells ticking over. There is always a solution… of some sort. :upside_down_face::wink:

Which Department is the property located?

What I was trying to say in a roundabout sort of way is that a micro station uses very little land which may be a lot easier than the other options.