*** SERIOUS WARNING ! *** Charges on your ORANGE account!

There's a new scam going on!! I got an email this morning telling me that a charge of 8 euros had been added to my ORANGE account, due to someone accessing 100quiz.com via my internet connection. It may have been an unwitting guest in the hotel. This is a web site that is allowed to charge your ORANGE account WITHOUT any warning! No credit card details have to be supplied! It is perfectly legal! This is not the only web site that can do this, and it applies to all internet suppliers - SFR etc. You have to actually block this kind of access on your account to stop it. As a goodwill gesture, ORANGE have cancelled the 8 euro charge and I have blocked all future access of this kind. For more information, take a look at http://www.infoconso-multimedia.fr/

I got stitched up for internet + services on SFR - two gaming sites (can't remember their names) - 5 euros a week each - couldn't work out why my phone/internet bill had shot up from 40 euros a month to 80+. I contacted SFR who told me that I hadn't ticked the box for no 'droit d'achat' so anyone can help themselves to anything, so it's all my fault. The subscriptions have been cancelled, and there is now a big fat tick in no box, but it leaves a nasty taste.

Adding insult to injury, this has been going on for a few months - SFR stopped supplying paper bills, and I couldn't access my espace client for a while because of a mix-up with cancelled mobile accounts and my landline account. So I'm down several hundred euros and apparently no chance of a refund.

I allow gite guests to access my wifi, so I suspect someone signed up for something and then didn't cancel. The susbcriptions were made within a few minutes of each other on the same date.

I tried to reply to this before but it kept producing an error ---- I never connect to the internet with a mobile so I'm not an expert, but I would imagine that if you are online and connect to one of these sites with your phone you will get the same result. Just watch for anything with a plus (+) as part of the name.

Thank you Roger. Is this only for Orange WIFI, or is it for cell phones too? I plan to visit France soon, in 3 weeks, and have a Orange SIM card for my iPhone6. I plan to get pre-paid card for the 3 weeks I will be in France. Any ideas anyone?

I fell foul of this over a year ago. I have been promised a refund but it hasn’t arrived (it’s about40€) each time I ask where it is they tell me there has been a problem with their system but it will be refunded shortly. My breath is not being held. I tried by phone but it was "too old"

I have just found a charge of €30 on my orange account, stopped internet plus and will oppose the payment. Thank you everyone, this is an unexpected failing of an isolated and should be stopped.

YES!! - connect plus IS the same thing. Phone Orange and get this "FEATURE" blocked. Regarding the emails, this is only really a problem if you make use of the Orange email address - I don't. But what you have to do is create a second email address (you are allowed several). Then, when you sign on to Orange email, make sure you disconnect at the end of the session. Next time you connect you are then presented with the choice of the two email addresses, and the appropriate password must be supplied. This stops "outsiders" seeing your email.

I had a couple of emails from Orange about charges from connect plus - is that the same as Internet plus?

We give our gite guests orange wifi, apparently they can quite easily see our @orange.fr emails, anyone found a way of blocking this?

Good warning Roger!

The ISP does not only can view the access points it is also responsible to protect their clients from becoming a prey for gambling kids. I would stop sharing hotspot options as this is they easiest port they port someone can sneak in. It is not protecting you fully but then at least there is no dispute about access points. The moment 100.000 block their hotspots the ISP's will come back to their responsibilities and not just trying to sell another "security" through a subsidiary. Or best, you use satellite connection, like twoway...

Thanks for this.

I have gites & use Orange for the guest's Wi-Fi - This is crazy!

Another pint due from me!

Internet plus is an "option" on all Orange accounts. I say "option", as it is a box that is automatically checked when you set up your account. Orange refund any charges without quibbling, I suspect because they know it is illegal to make clients opt out of a paid service. You can cancel it online in your espace client.

Glad to be of help! (You owe me a pint! :-) )

Hi Roger,

I noticed your posting this week and as I had recently noticed that our internet bill had gone up by over 25€ for the last three months for no reason at all. As it has been a very busy time for me, I thought I would check up on it and then forgot.. This morning I finally looked at my bills for the last three months and saw that there has been an extra charge of 30€ added to my account for ' vos services ponctuels ou occasionnels'. As we rarely use our home phone, for anything but calling family in the UK, I was puzzled. I have just called Orange Customer Services and found out that it is due to what she called 'internet plus', apparently a third company can charge your phone number for services without you even knowing it. We have absolutely no idea what these costs are, and the very helpful customer service lady has blocked all future access and are arrranging a refund with the next bill.

Thanks for posting, you have saved me a lot of money!!

Further information ... http://assistance.orange.fr/ordinateurs-peripheriques/installer-et-utiliser/un-service-d-orange/les-achats-en-ligne/contact/contact-desactiver-ou-reactiver_77201-40684