Service for Solar Panels and Heat Pump

Am I wasting my money on an annual contract for Solar panels (for hot water) and an air/water heat pump. The company want 232 Euros for what amounts to "a good coat of looking at" which takes less than an hour. Without contract, they wanted over 300...which I refused to pay!

Have been told that solar panels are a closed system and shouldn't even need servicing.

Does anyone else have a similar system or expertise in this area?

Thanks Jo!

Hello Wendy, I'm not an expert but I do do all my own DIY and I have built my own solar water heater for my caravan shower at my cabin.

I don't think you need this service at all. I think you can ask a general handyman to check the panel yearly, after winter preferably. rather than pay for this outrageously overpriced "MOT".

The panels should be kept clean and thats about all. The seals need to be checked to make sure its not leaking and the electrics can also be checked but I really feel you are being taken advantage of. I would guess that any "expert" charging 232 euros for less than an hour is, totally overcharging. I would not expect to pay more than 50 euros for this. I would keep saving the money each year and use it to replace the systems parts if any problems arise.

Anyone got any solar panel/heat pump expertise??