"Services à la personne"

Has anyone have any experience with this scheme ? It allows the "customer" to reclaim 50% of your invoice against their taxes. I was contacted yesterday by someone for help with a computer problem but when I said I wasn't registered for the scheme she said she would have to find someone that was.

I am assuming I can't offer this through my company and will have to run it as an individual but do I need to sign up as an AE or something else to make it work?

Am working my way through the http://www.servicesalapersonne.gouv.fr site but like everything else in France, it's complicated and will take some time.



You don't need to be self employed to do CESU work. If you are self employed like me, you can still do it, just as an individual. By the way, I think that the amount claimed back has dropped to 40% these days. Also apparently, whatever job you do, you musn't use your own tools ie. gardening equipment, DIY tools. If you get caught by an inspector de travail for example, you can be fined up to 900 euros!! I know this because I received a nasty letter from an inspector after I had put a leaflet through her letterbox!