Setting a Good Example - NOT!

From the BBC website:
UK health minister Nadine Dorries tested positive for coronavirus. She reportedly developed symptoms last week, but came into contact with hundreds of people before getting tested on Monday. Among the public meetings she attended was an event at Downing Street, which was hosted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

There seems to be a bit of confusion as to when she first became ill, the BBC are saying Thursday whilst the Guardian say Friday and it’s also not clear when she ‘self isolated’, as for not being tested until Monday she may not have had any choice on that due to how the testing is being done.

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Plus the symptoms are vague she may have thought it was something else

Excuse me, she is the Minister for Health which must carry some benefit.
Also they come into close contact with many people.

No that’s Matt Hancock, Dorries is an ‘under-secretary’ for Mental Health. Are you suggesting she should have been given special treatment regarding being given a test?

She is one of the Health Ministry and yes, she should as she is a member of the Government and we need to keep Government working during this crisis.

I’m not sure she should be given “special treatment” but I certainly think anyone of any intelligence these days absolutely does NOT “think it might be something else”. At the very least she should have self isolated, got tested and not re-emerged until she knew definitely one way or the other. If members of the government can’t lead by example what hope the rest of us. And surely being within the health department - whatever her role - she has every opportunity to be well informed about the consequences of her folly and her indifference to other people’s well-being.
And by the way, it’s entirely possible to continue working (if necessary) while being self-isolated.


She was our local MP and all I can say is I am not particularly sympathetic that she is ill - she was not at all popular in our village.

@Mat_Davies I don’t have any sympathy for her. I think it shows supreme arrogance - I’m too important to stop working when I’m ill! Really?

You know for a fact that’s what happened?

Berfore she was a politician Nadine Dories was a Registered Nurse, so she was very well informed about infectious diseases, unless she was as thick as a nurse as she seems as an MP.


What’s your suggestion Tim?

The absence of Dorries, aka Mad Nad, might be seen by many as improving the efficiency of Ministry of Health.

She is certainly not someone I think of as capable. Like Ann Widdecombe, better left writing trashy novels.