Setting up as a mobile hairdresser

Hi dont know if anyone can help but I would like to set up as an auto entrepreneur in mobile hairdressing. I havent got as far as the chamber of commerce yet as I have been told not to start paying anyone until I find out if this is possible. For some reason the french dont recognise english qualifications. I have them all with me and have over 20 years experience. Also will I need to get them translated?

Thank you that is very helpful.


You could always have a look here :>

Hi Kellie,

I found this: which explains what you need to do. It seems it’s the Chambre des Métiers that you need to contact. This says you’ll need to get your certs translated by a traducteur assermenté, but I’d check first, as some regions are less fussy than others. It also says that registration with the Chambre des Métiers is free, they only charge if they ask you to take a test of competence, which I would think is unlikely in your case.

I hope this helps, let me know if I can help further. Wendy

Hi Kelly,
I set up as a “micro enterprise” 15 years ago as a mobile hairdresser.
Back then i needed my advanced City & guilds to become a business in France and more than 10 years experience. I had to do a compulsory attendance course for a week at the chambre de metiers ( as an artisan you have to do this) you will receive a certificate to continue with your business application.
Your City & guilds qualifications need to be officially translated,.

All in all this took about a year !!!

Hope it has become much easier with “Auto entrepreneur”

There’s a great company in Capbreton They specialize in small business advice and will help you set up.

Good Luck


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