Setting up as AE - what 'activites' to register?

Hi all,

I've been offered work doing odd renovation jobs (mainly painting/finishing) and have just tried to register online for the AE scheme but can't find the right 'activite'.

Does anyone know whether i'd just select 'artisan'?

Also, is it ok to just attach a copy of my UK passport - still working for a UK company and living between here and UK?

I am also considering working as a property agent, managing bookings for gites but im not sure what this would come under?

Is it possible to list multiple activites?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi Claire,

Here is a link to the regulated professions, I think APCE have another list of non-regulated;

If you click on the profession you think might be relevant you can get all the details for it. I think it is only available in French but Google translate will work well enough for this.

Enjoy your research!

x Kim

Hi Claire. There is a list, it's a PDF link on one of the pages. However, you can also select the option which says "not listed" and then just put in whatever you want. Be careful, though, as different professions attract different rates of tax.

hi Claire - try AI 9003A creation artistique relevant des arts plastiques - it should cover finishing /restoration but not as an artisan - i think liberalle but not sure. I seem to remember there being a list of activities on the website although you have to trawl through. As far as I know, to be an artisan you need relevant qualifications.

Thanks Paul,

They do like to make things difficult dont they, i'm dreading it in a lot of ways!

It's hard to know what the different activites are, would help if there was a list - unless im being blind? Im not even sure what my roles would come under....

Thanks for the tip re. getting copies stamped....good idea

You can certainly opt for more than 1 activity. We have 3 listed. URSAAF, RSI & Pole Emploie don't like though, as they cannot put us in 'one box' as they like to.

We have a 'battle' with them each time we do our 'returns' & everyone we speak to tells us something to complete the papers differently & it is always US that are wrong. Hopefuly that is just 'our area' and yours will be more accommodating.

One thing we do 'religiously' is to keep a copy of our returns & get them to stamp our copies each time we give them in, as we have been accused on not completing them on time! They 'ate humble pie' when we showed our dated stamped copies.