Severe Faceache

No. not a popular social media destination, but serious pain all up one side of my face and round the eye socket which originated in an inflamed gum. I couldn’t remember the name for it. :roll_eyes:

It has been going on for 3 days now and for the first time in over 40 years I have given in to pain relief. 2 or 3 Dafalgams and another one (can’t remember that now either perhaps it is infecting my brain). I have been getting solid 9 hour sleeps, split day and night but still feel really tired and washed out.

Anyway, I am not asking for advice or remedy, except to ask, how many is too many Dafalgams in a day? I think I have had 3 so far today. :thinking:

I bought a covid test today but can’t read the tiny instructions without a magnifying glass so will leave it till tomorrow when Fran’s aide arrives, I also tried to take my temperature, but the battery in the thermometer is flat. I’ll get another tomorrow.

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Isn’t that what people commonly called some kind of neuralgia ? I remember my step-mum used to suffer from flare-ups.

Trigeminal neuralgia?

We had some Dafalgan Codéine (500mg paracétamol/30mg codéine) in a draw right next to where I’m writing this, so…

Without medical advice an adult can take 1 or 2 of those every 6 hours (minimum interval), up to a maximum of 6 per day.

Much sympathy, David.

It depends how much Paracetamol is in those tablets, some have 500mg Others have 1gram .The maximum recommended dose is 3grams (3000mg ) a day


Neuralgia, you take the star prize Rice Pudding, I have been using the word for 3 days but it deserted me when I needed it. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

But you all share the prizes, thank you for reponding, says he reaching for a handful. :wink:

Seriously though, a great relief, I’ll have one after dinner, shortly, and another before bed, though strangely enough the pain does not keep me awake. I have had cuddles from both dogs, though resting my head on Jules’ muscular thighs is not exactly like a feather bed. :joy:


It depends how much Paracetamol is in those tablets, some have 500mg Others have 1gram .The maximum recommended dose is 3grams (3000mg ) a day.

That seems ok the ones I have been taking are 500 mg, thus 6 a day as has been mentioned. :smiley:

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That’s fine, but as the Internet told me that some are stronger you needed to be warned

Yes, they are: the important thing is how much paracetamol each tablet contains, and that is shown on the package.

My dentist told me that I could alternate paracetamol with brufen, but I can’t remember the details. When I looked up the max daily dose of brufen, and told him, he smiled.

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An adult dose is 1000mg so actually you should take 2 of the 500mg they will work better, with a 6 hour gap. If you are only taking 1 you won’t be in the ‘therapeutic window’, ie getting the best result.


And don’t overlook the old fashioned sleeping on a hot water bottle approach.

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I had already said that the important thing is how much Paracetamol is in each tablet

@David_Spardo just thinking, although not a huge fan due to side effects ibuprofen is an antiinflammatory so may actually give better results than the paracetemol and fine for short term use. Generally if you need both I’d suggest 4 hour spacing.


Thanks all again. It is the gum area that is still inflamed but it has eased a bit after more cuddles with the dog (there is no maximum lable on him) and a few minutes ago I took my before bed pill. Night night. :joy:

:paw_prints: The best remedy in the world!

It is very worrying and I feel for you. I also hope you wake to less pain this morning.

That said, I think you should ring the MT for an appointment TDS because being brave and British is not so great when health is alarming. Self diagnosing can be dangerous and pain killers only mask a problem, not cure. It may be simething dental :hushed:. Your MT is still the best one to diagnose and medicate.

I am not an expert but by experience (and several medical relatives) know that it is better to play safe.

I wish you a quick and happy resolution and no more pain!

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I am going to take your advice today after waking up with the same, if not more, tenderness and swollen face. It has dragged the corner of my mouth down too, almost as if I had had a stroke, but I have done all the tests so I am sure it’s not that, but who knows?

I have the long awaited rdv with the auditory expert today in the nearby town, Nontron, and will check out if any of the dentists, including the one I used once before, have re-opened. Last time I looked not a single one was still there. Even a dedicated dental cabinet was closed with a note on the door saying the last one had retired. Obviously, as requested, he had put out the lights too. :rofl:

On the way back I will call in at the docs for a rdv and just down the street get a new battery for the thermometer. It is a rectal one bought for the dogs, but it has been cleaned. :rofl:

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Good morning, and I am sorry to hear you are still poorly. Hopefully, the doc will know. And if he’s not sure he will know where to send you. The important thing is to take earliest action.

I wish you all the luck today. Be careful with the dog thermometer :dizzy_face:

Let us know how it goes. There are many on SF who are concerned for you.


Is this not an abscess on your tooth? Can be very painful and can extend beyond the gum itself up into the face. Try warm/hot salt water mouth wash, holding it in your mouth where your gum is inflamed.

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Frankly, I think you need an emergency appointment now with your Doc to get whatever antibiotics etc to stop this in its tracks.
You are responsible for Fran and if you falter… it could be really difficult for her.

(I know you always do your best… it’s just that I’m worrying for you… and her.)


I seem to recall (perhaps on this forum…) that someone went to the Dentist… but the Dentist wouldn’t touch “the problem” until the infection had gone…
which meant a trip to the Doc for a prescription… and a wait of however long, while the medication worked its magic…

Thus, I wonder if your neighbour could make some calls and get you seen by a Doc today… ???

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