Severe Faceache

My Uk dentist has previously prescribed antibiotics for an abscess, without need for a doctor I don’t know if France is the same

Don’t wait around in case it might go away on its own, with a few painkilling pills and a cuddle from the pooch.
Pain and swelling is a sign that there is something seriously wrong in your mouth area. See a doctor as fast as possible, Christmas holidays are approacing fast and any appointments for healthcare will disappear in a flash…


If you get antibiotics for an gum/tooth infection, make sure you don’t walk out with amoxicillin, you’ll need something stronger like metronizadole or augmentin (co-amoxiclav) that works on the bacteria you are likely find in those types of infections. I had an infected wisdom tooth and went through a full course of amoxi from the dentist, only to then be prescribed metronizadole from the doc.

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Sounds like an abscess to me too. I’ve had several on the past, but it not for a long time thankfully. They can occasionally be serious, so don’t delay.
I got septicemia from a tooth abscess in 1986, which fortunately didn’t progress to sepsis because my dentist acted very quickly. When the OH phoned him at 10pm Saturday night he said to come to the surgery immediately. We were both there in 5 mins and he extracted the tooth and drove me to the hospital to fullfil an antibiotic prescription. I was quite ill for about 6 days but avoided hospital. He was an absolute star and I’m convinced his prompt action saved me from sepsis and a long stay in hospital.


Nope… 2 different countries… with different ways.
Some dentists here will prescribe, some will not… many don’t want you going anywhere near them with an undiagnosed infection/affliction.

The antibiotic in Augmentin is amoxicillin, but it has an added inhibitor for some bacteria that can counteract amoxicillin. That inhibitor can cause side effects in some people, so care is required. My OH was very ill after taking just a few Augmentin.

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Ours will prescribe. He’s given the OH antibiotics to clear a minor infection caused by a crack in a molar, which he subsequently capped.


I’m hoping @David_Spardo is currently busy getting to the doctor + dentist.

One thing occurs to me… My husband has had 3 root canals over the past 2 decades, though it was in HK. In France, would one also be sent by the dentist to an orthodontist for this? The delay can be excruciating, I think.

Indeed. The clavulanic acid inhibitor increases the spectrum of activity of amoxicillin. Sorry to hear that OH was ill on it.

perhaps you can take David along to your Dentist… he is having trouble locating one… :wink:

My dentist did my root canal. And it was a superlative job. I happened to have to have an emergency appt in the UK a couple of months later, which needed x-rays. The dentist looked at them and noticed the root canal and commented that I must have gone to a top private dentist to get that done that well! And thathe wouldn’t be able to do it within NHS parameters/equipment


Got to the dentist ok but rdv is for 20th of Feb. I was masked so she didn’t see the swelling on my face and as she was masked I didn’t pursue it because I could hardly understand what she was saying. In any case I thought it best and quickest to see the doctor first. Got to the cabinet at 1145 and it was shut. I’ll try again later.

The abcess, if that is what it is, is not near a tooth, I have a bank of gums in that area where teeth used to be.

Got the dafalgans and the battery for the thermometer, and just used it 36.8, so I think that’s ok.

BTW the long :astonished:awaited hearing test produced a puzzling result. He said go and see an ENT doctor in Perigueux. It was one of those that failed back in July which made me book with him. :roll_eyes:
I have a chart record of the beeping test to show someone when I find one.

Definitely do!

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P.S. Golly! I just looked it up and discovered on Quora. Australians are naughty. Really does exemplify the conversation over cultural sensitivities that’s been going in another topic.


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BTW Author Lynne Truss was much later when she wrote her book Eats, Shoots and Leaves, about a quite different subject.

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Have you never heard of the book “eats, roots, shoots and leaves”?

You mean the one I mentioned above your post @Ancient_Mariner ? Yes, of course, whether she got the idea from the Aussies I doubt, but I do believe their use of the similar title preceded her.

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