Seville oranges?

(Jane Jones) #1

Has anyone found a source of seville oranges? Or oranges amère? My sister normally sends me a kg, but in my planning for Brexit I think I might need to try an alternative source…

(Beth Wheatley) #2

What area are you in Jane?
regards B.

(Jane Williamson) #3

We can usually find them in the supermarkets.

(Jane Jones) #4


(Jane Jones) #5

Lucky! I’ve neber seem them here at all.

(Beth Wheatley) #6

Oooooooooo you are a long way away (I’m in 24) so sorry not able to point you in the right direction. Here I have found them in supermarkets, mostly LC or Grande Frais, but more usually I get them from a local market where the stall holder buys from Spain/Portugal. Do you have anyone at your local markets that does this?

Sorry I cannot be more help, unless you would like me to post you some!

Good luck

(Jane Jones) #7

Thanks for the thought! I just hope Brexit doesn’t block my supplies from the UK.

(Beth Wheatley) #8

What about a nice weekend in Spain?

regards B.

(Mark Robbins) #9

Or buy a jar of marmalade :grin:

(stella wood) #10

I make marmalade… best with the clementines from Corsica… which is why they call it Christmas marmalade here… but I do make it all year round with whatever I find…

(Peter Goble) #11

I wish I could find an outlet for my lovely kiwis, bursting with Vitamin C, just the thing for fighting off winter rheumes and grippes !

I picked 1,300+ this winter, getting lashed, bashed and scratched by the two Daddy and two Mummy vines in an ecstatic tangle on our garden shelter as I scrambled up a ladder between nasty tendrils heavy laden with furry globes like pregnant baby hamsters.

I have put out a box full of freevhelp-yourself kiwis outside the house (see pic) and have trawled round neighbours handing out bagfulls, but still have 1,000 left.

Please don’t suggest recipes, I’ve eaten my fill and am beginning to look like Kermit the Frog! :frog::roll_eyes:

(stella wood) #12

Hi Peter

Our School store kiwis (somewhere) and the kids/staff eat them gradually, throughout the winter.

By the sound of it… your kiwi plants are superstrength… all that vitamin C should keep your area healthy…

(Warren Joiner) #13

Have you thought of turning your prod-juice into this
Be good for Christmas presents next year I’m sure the locals may give you a hand in getting rid of them ‘once bottled’.

(Peter Goble) #14

Thanks for the tip, Wozza, that sounds like a very do-able project, and I don’t want the fruit to go to waste. They’re really cute, furry on the outside with very decorative innards. Bet they deliver quite a kick when fermented too! :upside_down_face::flushed:

(Jane Jones) #15

You could also make a batch of dried kiwi which will keep for months. You don’t need a dehydrator as can make it the same way you make membrillo, pâte de fruits, or a fruit leather. Basically peel fruit, chop roughly, add sugar and lemon juice, and cook very, very slowly stirring frequently. Put into trays lined with baking paper not too thick tho’, and let dry our further - low oven, sunny window sill, etc. Cut into pieces, pop into box with extra sugar. Eat when you feel like it.

(Many New Zealand recipes for kiwi fruit leather on line…)

As for my marmelade, by big sister has saved the day again as this arrived…

Makes it as expensive as buying in the shops, but tastes better so worth it says OH (but then he’s not the one who makesit!).

(stella wood) #16

@Peter_Goble Auchan were selling kiwi fruit at 25c each… you have a small fortune in fruit… :hugs:

(Peter Goble) #17

Locally they are on sale at 55c, but no-one is buying them. I asked a neighbour who knows wot"s wot and he advised about offering them to the school, as any child with a gyppy tummy would be likely to have her parents on my back PDQ for the “intoxication” of their petite precieuse :scream:

A nod is as good as a wink, methinks! :joy:

Is there an equivalent saying in French?

(stella wood) #18

Shame you got such a response… as I have said… our school kids are very grateful to have fruit (free) from a local source…

(David Martin) #19

I once bought a jar of kiwi jam that claimed to be 100% kiwi, no additives. They must have some natural preservative because the last portion was as good as the first.

(Peter Goble) #20

They do seem to have very good keeping qualities if kept cool @Aquitaine : they go soft and squishy after some months, but don’t grow mould or show signs of rot.

I may make a few jars of kiwi jam to keep, but I’m not awfully keen on jam, it took me nearly three years to munch through twelve pots of blackcurrant jam I made, although it turned out much better than I expected as my first venture.