Sewer charges

Advice please,

I live in a village where mains drains were installed many years ago, the problem is around 20 houses were never connected. As it has recently come to light that peoples waste was passing through other peoples gardens in open rainwater drains they are now making it a prioity to get these people connected.

I was overjoyed at the news as my house has my neighbours waste passing under our courtyard. My neighbour has refused to pay the charge for connection over the years and hence why they have connected their toilet to the rainwater drain. The Mairie has issued a statement in our village news letter that after hearing all concerns and deliberation each residency in the village will be forced share the connection charge for all the houses involved. This means that I will have to fin 400 euros by the end of December. The Mairie thought it unfair to charge the individuals involved 4,500 euros each.

I am at a loss as to what we can do about this charge or if we refuse to pay can they take legal action against us. I feel very angry that I should have to pay for other people. If you build a new house or convert a barn then it is the responsibility of the owner to pay to get connected.

Rant over any advice anyone ????