Sexism in the written word.. and is this the solution?

Frankly, I find it quite difficult enough to write in French… if they start changing/adding things… I will be lost altogether…
I prefer things to remain as they are… I don’t think of it as sexist… so it’s simply not worth the bother…:roll_eyes:

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Doesn’t bother me at all, masculine being the default is a bit wearing.

I think it would make French a much easier language to use if all gender were to be removed. Clearly some new or alternative nouns would need to be used to get rid of such problems as Le poele and La poele being two completely different objects, but wouldn’t it be wonderful not to have to worry about making the adjectives agree with the nouns in respect of gender.
I expect that I’ll be well dead before it happens though.

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Now I’ve heard it all!

Le and La always give me pause for thought… so, when in doubt I opt for notre/votre/les/des…etc… you get my drift ???:wink:

taking another angle… there are several accents (and one ligature) used to convey different sounds, like the aigue accent, grave accent, circumflex, trema, and cedilla, as well as the ligature œ. They use different accents and a ligature to denote specific sounds… yippee :grinning: .personally, I rely on all these bits and bobs to help my pronunciation…

There was a move afoot, a while back, to remove all the above from written French…to help the children… :confused:
but that seems to have died a death… yippee :grinning: