I was in the pub last night when I overheard two guys talking, they were saying that they wouldn't fly on an aircraft with a woman pilot.
I thought what sexist pigs.........................It's not as though she has to reverse the thing!

OK I'll leave now!

It was 2 women pilots that flew the last plane I used with Ryanair. They inadvertantly left the Tannoy on and we heard " Bloody hell, Mary, this airstrip at Poitiers is SO short!", to which Mary replied “Yes, Deidre, but have you noticed how WIDE it is!”

I love your jokes, keep them up, and hopefully you are not down for any reason.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday

wouldn't dream of taking anyone on Sandy, just hoping it creates a few laughs, I need them at the mo.

Size 10 would be fine but can squeeze into a 9 if thats all the itchy wool you have :)

haha, you beat me to it Fiona. Thats one I always trot out. Well said.

Dont take on Fi , John!!

You will always lose!!

By the way what size did you say your feet were? In case I decide to actually knit you some socks?

It took a while, but the winner is Fiona