(John Axson) #1

I was in the pub last night when I overheard two guys talking, they were saying that they wouldn't fly on an aircraft with a woman pilot.
I thought what sexist pigs.........................It's not as though she has to reverse the thing!

OK I'll leave now!

(Bruce Brewer) #2

It was 2 women pilots that flew the last plane I used with Ryanair. They inadvertantly left the Tannoy on and we heard " Bloody hell, Mary, this airstrip at Poitiers is SO short!", to which Mary replied “Yes, Deidre, but have you noticed how WIDE it is!”

(karen sweeting) #3

I love your jokes, keep them up, and hopefully you are not down for any reason.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday

(John Axson) #4

wouldn't dream of taking anyone on Sandy, just hoping it creates a few laughs, I need them at the mo.

Size 10 would be fine but can squeeze into a 9 if thats all the itchy wool you have :)

(karen sweeting) #5

haha, you beat me to it Fiona. Thats one I always trot out. Well said.

(Sandy Whitehead) #6

Dont take on Fi , John!!

You will always lose!!

By the way what size did you say your feet were? In case I decide to actually knit you some socks?

(John Axson) #7

It took a while, but the winner is Fiona