Seymour Hersh

The great journalist Seymour Hersh, ex-New York Times and Pulitzer Prize winner, now denounced on Wikipedia as a “conspiracy theorist” for having released information that displeases the United States on Nordstream 2.

Hello Dominic and welcome to the forum.

I confess I can’t see the relevance to anglophones in France, perhaps you could expand.


Well, we had a post showing that the same thing is happening in UK.
I think it is important that there are people who keep us aware of what is happening and the continuing loss of freedom in our so called democracies, of which France is one.

It may have been edited since, but the only 3 uses of the word conspiracy are headlines of sources, nowhere in the actual article does it use that term. Or anything similar.

That said, I appreciate you may have just been using hyperbole and not meaning literally, but I thought actually the wiki article was actually very even handed, far more focus was on his long career and achievements, with the clarification that in these later stages of his career his use of anonymous sources has meant things may have gone awry lately. Perhaps the wiki editors have done a good job at clearing the article up, but this current version ive read seems perfectly fine.

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I know nothing of this topic but the great (and worst) thing about Wikipedia IMO Dominic is that you can “undenounce” him if you like and add your own argument and backup information :slightly_smiling_face:

On that topic, I’m happy to support them, it’s a pity only 2% of readers do.

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Absolutely, but the fact that the first post from a new member doesn’t have anything to do with the site’s normal aims makes one a little wary - as with another recent new topic (now deleted) one wonders if SF is just being used to increase Google rankings.

But I’m still in “benefit of doubt” mode.

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