SFN members in the 33 - we need your help!

Following on from a discussion thread about disposing of unwanted household goods, one of our members Nola D'Enis has brought this story to our attention.

Are any of you out there able to help? The family have three girls aged 3, 10 and 12 and Nola explains that, "They had a loft above their warehouse and because so much is involved the claim will take forever to come through."

And as we all know, insurers are never quick off the mark to pay out in any case.......

If any of you can help by donating clothes or household items, please contact Nola direct. Thanks!

Just an update - Alain, Brigitte and the children have moved into a flat not far from their temporary offices - and thanks to many people here, were able to move straight in. Beds, bedlinen, cutlery, crockery, clothes, toys, even a clothes horse and pegs! Thank you so much for your kindness, it was much appreciated. Thank you.



Hi Ron we are in Montpellier Centre. les aubes. where are you?

doh! we're in the 34... how close can you get.tsk

Here they are (with Alain's permission): http://www.profinett.fr/

For those that read French, please read the news page. I would be very grateful for any ideas of how help could be organised to get them back on their feet on the domestic front.

Thank you so very much to Karen and Julia. The clothes and toys will be passed on to the family tomorrow.

Yes, am lurking on donnons

http://www.donnons.org worth a look too perhaps?

Yes, I know about freecycle but there is nothing going on near where I am currently based and they are too caught up in the aftermath to chase stuff.....Hence my posting here. But thank you for thinking of them - have also been following the local boncoin but free things go very fast!

Look up your local Freecycle.org (http://www.freecycle.org/search)

You'll be able to pick up lots of stuff nearby for free.


Update: My husband saw them yesterday and yes, they literally walked away with the car keys and the clothes they left the house in. There are no floors left, no nothing. Mr M has lost his livelihood - he owned the business on the ground floor - but one of his neighbours in a nearby (untouched) warehouse has lent him offices and he has been given a couple of desks and a computer and he is starting again from scratch. They have found accommodation locally and hope to move in this weekend. They urgently need a washing machine, a cooker, utensils, everything in fact....

I have worked out a way to stop being a wuss about the money/cheques that some people on the forum have offered. As my husband pointed out, they have absolutely nothing and his revenue has come to a halt, so the money would come in very useful, even if only to buy hairbrushes etc or the basics. So, if anyone wants to contact me and wishes to send money- I will send them his direct address (he is still receiving business post as it is being redirected to the new temporary offices). That way he gets the cheques directly - bypassing me(!) - and I am sure he would be very grateful.

My husband (a cynical Frenchman!) and I have been overwhelmed by the offers of help on this forum and I would once again, on behalf of the family, like to thank you all.

Nola and Jean-Luc

Doha, there is someone near Dax offering to help but I don't know how far that is from you?

Hi Steve, I think that will be too far for work and the kids' schools but will pass it on to them tomorrow. Thank you for the very kind offer.

PS I used to stop over in Luanda on a regular basis en route to Harare. There's a cashier in my local Super U whose husband used to fly charter planes out from the airport there too! Small world...

Nola, Yes - Just outside of Carcassonne


Hi Nola, I am living in 34 Montpellier and I can help with kids cloths and shoes adult cloths and shoes, kitchen stuff, towels for bathroom... how can i get this for to you ( I don't have car :( )

I have just looked..... is it the Trebes near Carcassonne?

Where is Trebes Steve?

Sorry if this doesnt fit as Internet is so bad today that I am having trouble getting much detail from here in Angola and it may well be too far away to be of any help but I can offer a 4 bedroom house in Trebes for a couple of months. Its in the (ridiculously slow) process of being renovated but has brand new kitchen and usable lounge room plus 2 double beds, 2 double blow up matresses and some (but not a lot) sheets, pillows and towels) plus working shower and toilet and heat

I have just had a look on the map Leeanne and unfortunately you are the other end of Western France! What a shame as a washing machine would have been brilliant.

Many thanks anyway


I have clothes and toys that I am happy to post to them, I've sent you a personal message Nola if you can perhaps supply address to send them to.