SFN Merchandise - Need your input please!

We need your slogans!

For things like t-shirts, mugs, pens, calendars etc

They can be funny or serious, anything at all really!

Free mugs for the best slogans!


squeeze me...this was a slogan comp..what happened?

....the point being that we if we all pre-fixed our pics with the title SNF/title, SFN would be atop the Google rankings in no time....I think


Hi Kenneth, at this moment in time you are quite right, although unless I am mistaken, if SFN published pics like these, and they are named SFN-Mugs-title, ( and .alt images ) they will some be all over the net, dragging SFN's ranking with it.


A word of warning

if you google SFN in French = Société Française de Néonatologie

If you google SFN in English - Society for Neuroscience

perhaps we should avoid using the initials at all in the slogans!

Survive France

English spoken here

An apiarist Brain, respect to you Sir!

I was mindful of Enstein's prediction, which I thought I would research lest I got stung here

Read if you have time, you will be a Master, no doubt but .....


I am well, indeedly soas virtually friendsome. Fog like London peasoup variety here... Just delved into my hives today and fed my bees because it is too damp for them to come out to play and attack my playful dogs who just have to follow... The summer is very amusing. Anyway, now got the warmer stuff on for the woodpile. Now to atttttttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (As a clone of Barker and Victor Borge would say) Dood gay three you three!

Hi Brain!,

I thought I would be open to the MUG SHOT! Yes sir what a tool INKSCAPE is...I am in love with it. and being Open Source it can only get better, let's be honest it's developed by some very clever folk, who aren't chasing the buck? Hope this day finds you well, the Sun is shining here and it's V warm....'ingit bron!'

Good moaning, Roland! Is SFN making a mug of you? I would like to second your (e)motion and say INKSCAPE, yes it is brill. Helped me out several times doing complicated graphics including statistical charts that look different.

If I won a lovely Mug like these, I would not use it for tea...nor Coffee, I would put it in my display cabinet, and admire it....I would have to drink my beverage from a Cup, or a spare one... yes, If I won 2 mugs , I would use one for looking at, and the other for drinking from...or is that out of?

If you would like to produce beautiful Graphic Images like these, download INKSCAPE, it's so easy to use!

"Don't be shy...Come on in"

30 minutes in INKSCAPE BTW

just doing my job, James...sleep is for wimps!

Nice Ron, do you ever sleep?

Tea naturally!

Helping you fit in