SFN NEWSLETTER Sunday 23rd May

(James Higginson) #1

It seems like everyone is enjoying this fantastic weather! Long may it last… I took the children out cycling on Wednesday afternoon and with the wind in my hair, surrounded by the wonderful smells of the hedgerows in spring, I had one of those rare moments when I realise just how lucky I am to be living in France. When the sun is shining everything seems better and the day to day frustrations of life fade away.

And what about those daily irritations that just don’t disappear however good the weather? Never fear, the Survive France Network is here to help!

Technology is great - when it works. When it doesn’t, it can cause untold stress and dodgy internet connections have been known to reduce grown men to tears. So I’m really pleased that Nick Aurelius-Haddock has started a new group - Computer Corner. I know there are lots of people on the network with a great deal of IT know how; hopefully the group will turn into a great resource for those of us who think that terminals are something to do with train stations.

Another common ex-pat gripe is missing favourite shops and products. Suzanne Fitzgerald has a solution with her recently set up company UK4Me. Suzanne explains, ‘We set up UK4Me to bring together the best UK stores who deliver internationally into one simple website. As more UK shops decide to start overseas deliveries, they will be added to the directory and we keep the Special Offers page regularly updated with any discounts and sales. There’s a direct link to the site on Suzanne’s page so do check it out and stock up on some bargains.

Social isolation is another thing that can be a big problem for ex-pats. We all know that we should be speaking French and making French friends, but sometimes its nice to chat away in your native tongue. Some areas have ready made anglophone communities but if you find yourself struggling socially, joining up with a local group can be a great way to meet other people. We plan to bring you a round up of all the local groups, organisations and networks that we come across so to kick off, if you live in the 47 and fancy getting out and about to some local events, why not drop a quick email to group47@orange.fr who will be able to tell you all about the group and how you can join.

We’ve added a new feature - the Daily Photo slot. Every day the (unbiased) webmaster and photographer extraordinaire, Monsieur Higginson, will be selecting a photo to adorn the home page. There are already some fabulous images on the network, but make sure you post some more here, to be in with a chance of seeing your picture in the top slot!

Right that’s all from me - enjoy the bank holiday weekend, whatever you are doing…

Catharine x