SFN Smartphone App

(James Higginson) #1

How many of you would use an app on your phones for SFN? It could be quite expensive to develop and run dependant on what service we used or what functionality it had, it might even have to be a paid for service. I would love to hear your thoughts on this including suggestions as to it’s functionality and usage.

Brainstorm please!



(Jeff Steiner) #2

I might go for it, but don’t know if I’d pay for and SFN app. I use the facebook, twitter and G+ apps but they’re all free.

(James Higginson) #3

I think we’ll forget about that then for the time being at least!

(nigel fisher) #4

Sorry James, not for us either, best wishes nigel and sheila

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #5

sorry we’re in the old world where it comes to phones (one way of keeping our costs down by not having contracts which always result in spending more on data/voice than you ever intended) I use my phone as a phone & camera but always use the laptop/pc’s for internet access. I’m on GiffGaff pay as you go for my phone which works out really cheap as the credit never runs out. I know lots of people use these clever new generation phones but I’m happy to stay in the dark ages on this one for now. I’d run up huge bills otherwise!

(Steve YATES 2) #6

When I am out and about I don’t have time to use my phone for anything other than calls and important email. When I am at home (where we don’t have a smartphone compatible signal) I have access to my PCs.

(David Abse) #7

I use my smartphone for lots of things - but I have to say this wouldn’t be one thing I would bother with. Cannot imagine what use it would be given all this is already accessible. More tweeting instead, perhaps?

(Rosemary Benard) #8

Sorry - my phone does nothing more than take pictures!

(Liam Burns) #9

Certainly a YES for me, i live from my Smartphone both personally and for business. i don’t know where I’d be without my social & shopping apps. if an SFN app had live updates for discussions feeds, message access and maybe a post to wall function (with photos?) similar to that of the FB app i could blog on the go (Not to mention other places)
Smartphones aren’t for everyone, and i am sometimes very envious of those who didn’t catch the bug and can quite happily use their phones just to make calls. it seems i spend half my life glued to my BB! Though the other half of it is in front of a computer so if an SFN app was deemed unfeasible I’d still be here.
However if a SFN app was deemed apt count me in!

(Jan Remy) #10

Tell me more… I have an iphone4, love the apps but verrry choooosy.

(anon22734253) #11

Not for me… Sorry! xxx

(James Higginson) #12

Going on the traffic we get from smartphones it would definitely be niche, but it would only take a couple of hundred regular users paying a euro a month to make it worthwhile.

Keep those comments coming :slight_smile:

(Rette Tyrrel) #13

Finally got a ‘dumb’ phone, would not use it. Thanx for asking.

(Kate Hutchinson) #14

Hello! I’m a stay at home mum to a 1 year old boy, living in Paris. I get out a lot and often use transport time as a bit of ‘me’ time on the ‘computer’ - ie my phone (it’s hard to sit down for long at home with a little person tugging at the mouse). What I’m getting to is that for me, and probably people like me, an App would be quite useful. Of course we could be quite a minority…!

(Patrick Hay) #15

Can’t be bothered with a smartphone. I use an i-pad, but why would I want an app for Survive France? I can already view the site just as I do on a computer screen.

(Ron Layzell) #16

Sorry, neither of my phones UK or Fr are smartphones so would be of no use to me either. I tend to use them for calls and the occasional text <>

(Catharine Higginson) #17

Thanks Linda - just the kind of input we need to know before we (potentially) develop something that people don’t need! Cx

(Linda Shepherd) #18

Not for me thanks James! My phone is just that, a phone, in my pocket for emergency use.